Month: <span>November 2022</span>

Month: November 2022

The correct temperature setting to store white wine

As an enthusiastic white wine collector, you might be looking for a proper wine fridge to store your white wine bottles. There are wide varieties when it comes to this device, and they are distributed by many outlets such as, to name one of many that pride themselves on only delivering the best of the best. Always ensure that the white wine fridge temperature is correct before deciding on the make and model you require.

The storage requirements for white wine

It is believed that you can store both white and red wine within the same temperature, which ranges between 7 – 18 degrees Celcius. But many concerns have sprung up because of this belief, as it is recommended that white wine be stored in a cooler climate. Luckily, a properly constructed wine fridge caters to this demand, as white wines require a little chill in the air to lift their aromas and acidity.  Hence, preventing them from them turning muted in flavour. In addition, to the correct setting, wine fridges also ensure that many other features are needed to store and age the wine adequately. This wondrous unit provides the humidity level at a steady 70% level. It also ensures no air fluctuations by attaching a proper seal to the door. This glass door is also equipt to prevent and keep harmful UV rays at bay. As no wine collector would want any damage to their wine bottles inside a wine fridge, this mechanism keeps vibration low. So in retrospect, every white wine collector should consider investing in a bona fide wine fridge or cooler.

Historical facts behind white wine

Interestingly, historians date back the origins of white wine to 7,000 years ago. The cradle of this discovery is believed to have started with the ancient Chinese and Iranian philosophies. In addition, this type of wine was discovered coincidentally by fermenting white grapes without their skins attached. And can be described as dry with some energy notes. But we can thank the strides made by the ancient Romans and Italian cultures that contribute to the perfect aroma we experience today. These archaeological findings were so intriguing to modern-day white wine lovers that a whole white wine day has been dedicated to the wonders and strives behind making such a wine.

The characteristics of a white wine

When ordering your next glass of white wine at a fine dining establishment, you might need to take the fine taste of such a wine for granted. Therefore, upon ordering, it is commended to ask the wine steward for advice on the best white wine bottle to compliment your meal. Moreover, you would think twice after listening to him read and recommend the best of the best white wine delectables. However, some wine etiquette takes place during this unique process. The importance of the correct wine glass and a faultless aerator and decanter also play a flawless role in enhancing the white wine favouring experience. In conclusion, white wine is a speciality and can never be regarded as less. The use of a wine fridge can intensify its potential. Proper humidity ensures that the corks of the wine bottles stay preserved when they are too dry; it might lead to oxidisation, which would ruin the wine itself. So, when adding all of the above into one, looking after a sought-after or expensive white wine bottle for your collection, its needs to be kept within a wine fridge unit that strives for perfection. “No thing more excellent nor more valuable than wine, was ever granted mankind by God.—Plato, 400 B.C.